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Last updated 4/1/09

     Home enteral nutrition (HEN) is a life-sustaining therapy for many individuals; however, it brings with it distinct challenges to be endured or overcome. A self-help manual, Coping Well with Home Enteral Nutrition, was developed so that adults living with HEN could learn to cope more effectively with the therapy-related challenges they face.
     Resilient HEN consumers who participated in a research study provided the majority of the information and strategies. They offered suggestions and insights based on their personal experiences. Although a single coping strategy or technique will not work for everyone, try the ones you feel are best for you.

     A grant from the Utah Dietetic Association funded the development of this self-help resource. There is no charge to print the manual for personal use or to provide it as an educational resource for clients.

DISCLAIMER: You should not interpret this information as professional advice or as a substitute for medical counseling. As the reader, you are responsible for deciding whether the information is appropriate for your needs. Remember, always talk with your health-care provider before making any change to your enteral nutrition regimen.